Impacting & Changing Lives In Resource Constrained Communities.


Impacting & Changing Lives In Resource Constrained Communities.

Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.

About Us


IMPACT CHANGE AFRICA FOUNDATION known as ICAF is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Harare,

IMPACT CHANGE AFRICA FOUNDATION (ICAF) is a registered not-for-profit organization based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our primary goal is to bring about positive change and improve the lives of individuals living in resource-constrained communities. We are driven by a vision of creating sustainable self-reliance within these communities.


Through our initiatives, we strive to make a lasting impact by empowering individuals with information, fostering skill development, and offering essential resources and mentorship. Our mission is to influence lives and create opportunities for growth and progress.


ImpACT Change Africa Foundation also known as ICAF is a registered Non-Profit Organization based in Zimbabwe.

ImpACT Change Africa Foundation Founder and community members started off working voluntarily in social assistance benefit programs before and during the Covid19 era before registration within community outreach projects and programs. Assisting different projects and individuals for women and children through lobbying funds and assisting in needy cases, until 2021 when it was registered as an NGO so as to make more impact in the community.

We work together with grassroots communities and women, children and youth empowerment organizations, capacitating and encouraging community led initiatives so as to coordinate and deliver necessary responses to the challenges and needs affecting communities.

We focus on the general skills and capabilities of community members in capacitating development, which is our main focus area. We also endeavor to develop community leadership, strategic thinking and planning, financial accountability, advocacy and raising of resources both financially and material for community projects.

We facilitate change by becoming leading agents of change in the communities that we serve, through capacity building and organizational development in an inclusive and participatory way using the bottom up collaborative approach.

We work with all social development and community-based organizations and individuals, regardless of what sector they are in, or where they are in Zimbabwe. 

Our development work is made possible from our founder and members donations and grant sourcing from donor agencies. Beneficiaries receive community project support, training and mentoring at no cost to themselves and their communities. Development and assistance of programs and projects that support livelihoods and develop communities are sorely a charity initiative brought to the communities we serve.

We also provide monitoring and evaluation, planning, training manual development and advice on issues of community and sustainability of the projects and programs we assist to create.

Our organization is run by Our founder and CEO Susan Pirikisi Taruvinga. She is a Community Development expert who has been working in social enterprise and community development social entrepreneurship initiatives since 2005 up to date in different organizations serving on different boards, organizations and portfolios. She has been initiating community assistance programs and projects in her personal capacity since 2005 up to date, as well as working for humanitarian initiatives in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda and Italy within the United Nations Women Organization where has served on different board portfolios since 2014 to date.


Impact Change Africa also works with experts passionate different areas namely in agriculture, education and child development, business management and project management. These individuals work on consultancy basis. In addition, we also work with community volunteers within the areas we serve who are passionate about the needs of their communities.

Our vision is to support and spearhead thriving African and rural communities, women and youths to be self-sustaining. We empower women, the elderly and the youth of our communities to endeavor in sustainable income generating projects that create positive change and improve livelihoods as well as emergency support in times of disaster and lack using the using the SLA approach (SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS APPROACH).  This is a sustainable participatory method and approach that recognizes that all our people regardless of physical challenges have abilities and natural assets as well as educational backgrounds and skills that can be developed within their environments, to help them improve lives in a sustainable way.

Our mission is to mobilize people, resources, and platforms to empower, educate and to create opportunities for youth, women, the elderly people, and women with disabilities.  strengthen rural and disadvantaged populations by delivering real time and the necessary relevant and useful capacity building, training and mentoring services and organizational development programmes that respond to our members community needs.

At ICAF, our work is guided by a set of core values that shape our approach and define our organization. These values are:


1. Love: We believe in the power of love and compassion to bring about transformation. We demonstrate care, kindness, and respect in all our interactions, fostering a sense of unity and support within the communities we serve.


2. Hope: We strive to inspire hope in individuals facing adversity. Through our initiatives, we aim to instill a sense of optimism, providing them with the belief that positive change is possible and encouraging them to envision a brighter future.


3. Charity: We embrace the spirit of giving and selflessness. Our commitment to charity involves providing support, resources, and opportunities to those in need, without expecting anything in return.


4. Empathy: We approach our work with empathy, recognizing and understanding the challenges and experiences of the individuals and communities we serve. By empathizing with their needs and aspirations, we can better tailor our programs and support to meet their specific requirements.


5. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our endeavors. We operate transparently, ensuring accountability and maintaining trust with our beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders.


6. Resilience: We promote resilience, encouraging individuals to bounce back from adversity and setbacks. We believe in their strength and capacity to overcome challenges, and we provide the necessary support and resources to foster their resilience.


7. Participation: We value the active involvement and participation of individuals and communities in shaping their own development. We strive to create inclusive spaces that encourage collaboration, active engagement, and collective decision-making.


8. Empowerment: We are committed to empowering individuals and communities, equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to create sustainable change. We believe in the inherent potential of every person and work towards enabling them to take control of their own lives.


These values form the foundation of ICAF’s mission and guide us in our pursuit of creating a positive and lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

  • To gain institutional and community support within the areas and communities we work with
  • To cultivate awareness, advocacy, and support of challenges and needs of our elderly and women
  • To conduct relevant campaigns and awareness as a strategy to meet our objectives and the needs of our community.
  • To partner, connect, build, and maintain relationships with the relevant stakeholders within the grassroots areas of programming and support.
  • To identify and involve existing community structures, along with government and private structures.
  • To develop the unemployed youth and women through initiatives that will empower them to become self-reliant and independent to improve their quality of life using local available resources and skills.

ICAF operates based on a set of principles and values that guide our work and ensure the achievement of our objectives:


Gaining Institutional and Community Support: We actively seek support and collaboration from institutions and the communities in which we operate. By building relationships and gaining their endorsement, we foster a sense of ownership and collective responsibility towards addressing the challenges faced by the elderly, women, youth, orphans, and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.


Cultivating Awareness, Advocacy, and Support: We prioritize creating awareness and advocating for the needs and challenges faced by the target groups we serve. Through educational campaigns and advocacy efforts, we aim to mobilize support and resources from the wider community, ensuring a comprehensive response to their needs.


Conducting Relevant Campaigns and Awareness: We strategically utilize campaigns and awareness initiatives as marketing strategies to align with our organization’s objectives and meet the specific needs of our community. These campaigns aim to educate, engage, and inspire action to address the issues affecting the target groups we serve.


Partnering and Building Relationships: We actively seek partnerships and connections with relevant stakeholders within the grassroots areas where we work. By establishing and maintaining relationships, we ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of our programming and support. These partnerships involve community structures, educational institutions, government agencies, and private organizations.


Involving Existing Community Structures: We recognize and involve existing community structures and institutions in our initiatives. By collaborating with local organizations, educational institutions, and government structures, we leverage their expertise, resources, and reach, maximizing our impact and promoting community-driven solutions.


Empowering Unemployed Youth and Women: We prioritize the empowerment of unemployed youth and women, recognizing the importance of self-reliance and independence in improving their quality of life. Through tailored initiatives, we provide opportunities, skills training, and support systems that enable them to become self-reliant and contribute positively to their communities.


Building Relationships with Institutions and Structures: We actively build relationships with institutions and structures such as educational institutions, government agencies, and private organizations. These partnerships allow us to extend our reach, share valuable information, and provide necessary services and assistance to our beneficiaries.


By adhering to these principles and values, ICAF strives to create sustainable change and improve the lives of the elderly, women, youth, orphans, and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Registration Authority NO.: MA1251/2021

Tax Clearance Certificate Number (ITF263)

Business Partner Number 0200291169

Target Group

Nurturing Lives, Inspiring Futures

Empowering one, empowering all. generating hope and change by campaigning, nurturing and advocating for sustainable livelihoods to support women, youth and people living with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable. We believe in the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach, a participatory approach based on the recognition that all people have abilities, skills and assets that can be developed to help them improve their lives.

Orphans and vulnerable children

We provide essential resources, educational support, and emotional guidance to ensure they have a nurturing and stable environment for their growth and development.

Empowering women with disabilities

By promoting their rights, providing vocational training, and creating inclusive opportunities that enable them to overcome barriers and actively participate in society.

Elderly senior citizens

We provide essential resources, educational support, and emotional guidance to ensure they have a nurturing and stable environment for their growth and development.

Empower children and youth

By equipping them with essential life skills, educational support, mentorship, and creating platforms for their personal and professional growth.

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